Fight discrimination against the United Church of Bacon! See the video, sign the petition.

May the Bacon be with You always. Praise Bacon!

Mission Statement

Goals of Baconism

The United Church of Bacon founders have set forth a general mission.

  • First and foremost, Praise Bacon! (Even if you don’t like bacon – gasp – all you have to do is enjoy the scent.)
  • Openly fight religion discrimination against minorities and demand equal rights for everyone.
  • Provide wedding services to the secular people of the world
  • To encourage people to report violations of the law by religious bullies or officials who willingly and sometimes openly violate the law- such as financial scams and embezzlement, sexual violations, and yes, even safety violations such as illegal and dangerous┬áparking ┬áthat threatens the safety of everyone, including their “flock”.
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